About Us


Adri and Josh Bailey

Adri Bailey has always had a passion for entrepreneurship, coffee and dogs.  Kade's Coffee is the fruit of those passions.  In 2015, Adri was diagnosed with chronic Lyme's disease. Her ongoing battle with the disease has inspired Kade's Coffee to give a percentage of each cup purchased to the LymeLight Foundation, an organization that supports those suffering from the malady.

Josh has an ardent  love for the outdoors, and his adventurous spirit is woven into Kade's Coffee.  With barista experience, Josh is able to combine his expertise with our quality coffee and create drinks that might just make you bark for more! 


Kade Brigade Bailey

Kade, rescued at about 10 weeks old, has been an energetic addition to our family!  Because of Kade's loving and energetic personality, we thought naming a coffee company after him would exemplify who we are and what we strive to deliver!


Dave Wachter

Entrepreneurship runs deep through Dave's veins. Having earned a Masters of Business Administration degree, possessing managerial experience in the food industry, and with a genuine love for people, Dave excels in  managing/running operations. He, like Josh and Adri, has a love for coffee. Their love for coffee and a passion for entrepreneurialism might have started out as a family hobby, but has now has turned into a business designed to serve and create quality coffee for others. Maybe it's fitting, since our parents first met at a coffee shop!